TN: 1997 Pahlmeyer Red, day 1

All of this talk about 1997 vs 1998 got me intrigued this evening. With wifee pregnant and drinking soda, I searched for something to pour for myself. I thought I had a half btl of 1997 Opus in my “vast” cellar (I ain’t no baller, I do not drive a $200k car, and I am not out on a Saturday night at Per se). I could not locate it. Truthfully, I stopped, when I came across a 1997 Pahlmeyer Red.

It came outof the really cold cellar (10 stories below sea level) aka the garage wine fridge. It needed to warm up from the 50 degrees it was stored at.

My first impressions (besides it being too cold) were of deep, rich, black fruits. In fact, it was almost like Cabernet syrup in the glass. That impression did not last long at all. By the third glass (small pours), I am left with a delicious Napa Cabernet, that would appear to have a very nice life ahead of it. Smooth, and rich, I have finished half the btl. I may take another small pour, but I am looking forward to checking the development on this one during the Jets game tomorrow (which I am skipping, since they suck).

One of my favorite Cali wines from the 90’s. I am down to my last couple and will miss them when they are gone. The 95 was a close second.

I’ve gone through 10 bottles of the 97 Pahlmeyer and IMO they’ve been going downhill for more than a couple of years now. I also think that as of right now the 95 is a better wine. Just my opinion, so lay it on me… pileon

Not sure how it was a few years ago, but this is pretty tasty tonight.

I am not sure if this wine is better on day 2, but it sure is different. Naturally, 24 hours open, and the wine will mello (unless we are talking about those Spanish wines that Dr J tells you to age for 75-100 years) and this one did just that…very soft, very lush, very easy drinking. I am very much enjoying it. Has a bit more of a minty quality this evening that the wine did not have last night. I may just have to save some for day 3…

At least I got one before KA cornered the market on this stuff!

Me and the Hillbilly have several pallets of this wine. Glad to see it’s doing well. However, it ain’t no Truchot !!

Tough critic. Steve YOU are the only thing in your cellar that has clearly gone downhill for more than a couple of years, but you love yourself more each day. neener