TN: 1997 Karl Lawrence Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Herb Lamb Vineyard

Attended a small little birthday dinner for fellow BB member Stephen Pacheco on Saturday night. This bottle was courtesy of Denny, and it was a backup bottle for the 2002 Phelps Backus Cab that he thought was off (I thought is was pretty damn tasty). The KL was pop and pour after several other wines had already been opened and for the most part drained.

What to say…100 pointer, 20/20, A+, perfect wine? Absolutely as close to those descriptors as I will come for a wine. As a huge fan of Napa Cabs, this is easily at the top of the pile for me. The wine comes out of the bottle and looks like a 2007 instead of a 1997. Once comment was that it was as dark as the pomegranite reduction for the duck ravioli we had. Not too far off as it was still dark purple with no signs of fading or bricking. Immediate notes of dark fruits, anise, licorice and flowers. Again, no signs of age on this bottle as it is amazingly fresh on the nose. Palate is full of blackberries, black licorice and a hint of vanilla. Tannins are barely noticeable and there is just a smidge of oak left, with both providing a round and expansive mouthfeel.

A big thanks to Denny for opening this. It will take a substantial wine to knock this off the top of my list.

Oh, and just for kicks, here is me pounding the remnants of the 2002 Dom:

Nice note.

Do you really want to give the graphic artists amongst us the oppurtunities with that image?
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But of course.


I have been hoarding the KL Reserves since joining the list in 2002. Opened one of the 2002 a few years ago but haven’t touched the rest. Any idea abiut the drinking window of these? Is 10 years a good estimate? Thanks.

Denny has more experience that me on that front. I have had a 2002 Reserve, cannot remember which vineyard, courtesy of Denny as well and it was singing. I would think it was in its sweet spot for the vintage. The '97 Herb Lamb Vineyard showed no signs of matury at all. I would think it could go another 20 years without blinking.


Thanks for the tasting note. I have only started collecting the KL Reserves since the 2005 vintage. I will try and find some of the older ones to try.

Unfortuately King Cab has cleaned out the inventory at winebid.


Sounds great, Tex.
I had a similar reaction to the '97 KL Reserve Morisoli a couple years ago.
Stunningly good juice.

Not lately. [cheers.gif]

What did you think of the 02 DP?


I say those 01’s you picked up on sunday

youre just lucky I didnt snipe you [wink.gif]

At pop and pour it was pretty good to excellent. After being open for three hours, in the pic above, it is outstanding. I will probably get another six bottles when finances allow it.

Dude, you know for sure I am lying?
Pretty bold of you.

I have never had the 97 KL HL but it sounds great. As good as the 97 Napa has been this sounds like a must try.

A liar would not have this in his inbox this morning.

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nevermind, it looks like you got beat

speaking of sniping, out bid at 6:46 and 6:54


Next time you are down my way we can work through a vertical of KL.


I though you were on a buying freeze until 2011? What happended?


A little ‘thaw’ if you will. Believe me, from my winebids of 3 months ago, this is a freeze. I so wanted those KLs that Rico passed at 45 last week.