TN: 1997 Flowers Camp Meeting Ridge Pinot

Looking for a red to go with the grilled chilean seabass and asparagus we opened this. Popped and poured, drank out of Riedel Sommelier Burgundy glasses.

the nose was distinctly cherry cola. A full bodied pinot with medium tannins, a light stemmy character, cherry cola and dark fruits.
Score: B

A lot of people in the early years of Flowers weren’t sure about their tannin management. I dont believe Flowers set out to make a light-perfumed style, rather moving towards more of a Bonnes Mares richer/darker style. This indeed was not “pretty” but a “solid” pinot. Suprising to me that it still had some pretty decent tannins at 12 years old, and I’m not sure the fruit will old it, but it might as they are pretty close to being “just right” in that balance regard.

It was distinctly not a good match for the seabass but we were so suprised by the Porter-Bass Chard’s performance that we had to try another Flowers.

That’s not a wine you see a tasting note on every day. Do you have any of the Moon left?