TN: 1996 JL Chave Hermitage Blanc

Opened on a Monday night just because…

served in a Riedel Sommelier Burgundy glass, popped and poured, drank over 4 hours.

Falvors and aromas of hazlenuts, buttery, light spice, flowers, orange honey in the nose but not as much on the palate, oily, macadamia nuts. It really opened over the 4 hours and got very very expressive, rich with a full body. A definite “A” score with a note to try again in 2014.

I drink a LOT of white rhones from both the north and south so consider myself an expert. I was totally amazed how young this wine was drinking at this stage. 13 years and not even showing signs of real age. It just kept going and going with more airtime in the glass. WOW.

White Rhone 1996…so underappreciated. Especially in the South, but the North is pretty darn good as well.

I’d like to keep it that way. [whistle2.gif] They can be otherworldly, and prices are not yet Montrachet levels… shhhhhhh

thx for the update jeff, I like me some hermitage blanc when I get the chance =)