TN: 1996 Château Montrose (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Estèphe)

  • 1996 Château Montrose - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Estèphe (5/28/2022)
    Opened an hour ahead, but immediately recorked as nose was ebullient. On the pour, it was such a lovely glass of well-aged bordeaux; lots of cigar box playing through plush plum and blueberry. I did not detect the blood and iron notes that I sometimes find in this wine; but the midpalate was complex and the finish long. It’s just entered its drinking window and surely will stay there for a very long time. (94 pts.)

That’s a lovely note. I last opened a bottle about 7 years ago, and loved it then but felt I should wait on my 1 remaining bottle. Maybe I’ll open it this summer when I have family visiting.

Thanks, Diane,

You could definitely open it now or hold–lovely bottle either way.

Happy summer!

Great note, great wine!

Opened this about a year ago and was a big fan. Mid pallet was a hit light in my experience sounds like it may be filling out.

Great stuff!

Opened my first bottle in 2016 and felt it needed additional time. Glad to hear it continues to evolve nicely and will definitely pull another cork soon.

Surprised it is so evolved. Looks like it’s time to rescue from hibernation and drink a bottle.

Thanks for the testimony … I will have it next month …

Awesome to hear…I recently picked this vintage up along with '83 and '95.

Looking forward to read your note, as always, Laurent, and please also do post, Marc, when you crack yours! (I’ve got one more bottle that I will now be saving for a special occasion.)

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Marx will be popping that Montrose with me…

He better!

Groucho or Karl?

It is not for comedic reasons thay I use the “x” in his spelling. :wink:

Let’s just say, em, Marx is a playa!

Like Groucho or Karl?