TN: 1995 Laurel Glen Sonoma Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

We opened this last night to go with some grilled steaks and garlic risotto. This wine was very dark in color for a 19-year old wine, with aromas of dark fruit, tobacco and leather on the nose. The structure of this wine suggests that it will continue to drink well for several years, and the dark fruits carry though onto the finish. The tannins are mostly resolved, and this wine is all about elegance and balance. Laurel Glen sure made some good cabs in the early to mid 1990’s!


Thanks for the note and check in. Sounds terrific. Always enjoy aged Laurel Glen cabs.

I’ve got a bottle of this sitting in the cellar. Good to know it’s drinking well.

I have been hoarding the '94, '95 and '96 LG cabs.; every once and awhile, I will pull one. I think '95 will be the longest lived of the three but all of these are vin de garde.
And each, in its own vintage specific way, reminds me that domestic Cabernet can be done very, very well.
Your note makes me sigh - in a good way.
Best, Jim


You are smart for searching out the Laurel Glen’s from that time period. I agree that they are fantastic values. We had our last '94 a few years ago and it was stunning.


The last two times I tried the 95, it was not impressive. These notes were from a 25, and 30 year vertical with Patrick Campbell in 2007, and Patrick and Bettina Sichel in 2011, respectively.

1995 Laurel Glen Cabernet Sauvignon

(A wine that has taken years to develop. Originally it was rather hard, like a St. Estephe. Another “nuclear winter” like 1987, due to forest fires…no rot or shrivel; strangely as brix rose above 22 brix, maturity seemed to slip away. Higher than normal acid levels, medium complexity. Weaker vineyards are showing green flavors) Patrick Campbell cellar notes.

2007 - Smooth aromas, the heat seems to a problem in this wine. Ends up quite dry on the palate. DW 84

2011 - This bottle seemed somewhat awkward and borderline flawed - NR

Now if you are sitting on any 94… :wink:

I picked up a couple of the 95s recently so thanks for the note. I’ll put one in the cue.

Picked up a 94’ from a local distributor’s secret stash recently. I’ve never had any older LGs, but snagged it based solely on this board.

Had one of these last year and was surprised how youthful it showed. Picked up more of a cedar/oak component on the nose than I was expecting, but it was still quite lovely.

I had a '96 out of a 3L two months ago and it was stunning.