TN: 1993 Domaine Michel Gaunoux Beaune (France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Beaune)

  • 1993 Domaine Michel Gaunoux Beaune - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Beaune (4/27/2019)
    This 1993 Village Beaune from Michel Gaunoux does a good job of relaying the story of a good vintage with difficulties in the vineyard and cellar. From the opening pour, the dominating aspect of this wine was its acidity. An initial nose of dried flowers and red fruit. But it took awhile in the glass to discern subtle red fruit and tart candy notes. The finish was tannic and short. Although this bottle never truly came into balance, it was pretty enjoyable.

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I agree; when I tried this last year the main thing for me was the shrillness. There were a few moments when there was a happy accord with the food and it showed some glimmers of being pretty good. A fun buy from Envoyer but one’s enough for me

Thanks for the note. When drinking these bottles, I’m usually looking for some form of enjoyment instead of enjoying the wine for what it is.

Glad you and Yao had fun with this one. Hope the next one’s more harmonious!

In my limited experience with Gaunoux I find myself similarly rationalizing. You see lots of library releases but they rarely excite me. Always a bit stingy …

I’ve had some phenomenal old bottles from here, including a truly great 59 Rugiens, but the Beaune has never been any better than one can expect from the village appellation.

This. And as I’ve said before, Francois Gaunoux > Michel Gaunoux in my experience.

Thanks for the note, John.