TN: 1993 Domaine Jean Grivot Vosne-Romanée (France, Burgundy

  • 1993 Domaine Jean Grivot Vosne-Romanée - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Vosne-Romanée (8/13/2010)
    cork was soaked to the rim and quite soft. I thought it was going to be crappy or DOA. Much to my surprise, it was a very good bottle. Slight bricking at the rim. lots of vosne spice notes on the nose, hint of soy sauce, touch of wood and mint leaves. lots of sour cherries on the mouth with iron character. Best bottle of the three that I have opened recently.

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This was made when they were followers of Guy Accad I think.

No, it was the first year that he left Accad; 1992 was the last Accad year for Grivot and other clients, too.

I had several half bottles of Grivot’s 1993 Vosne that I drank young because they were so delicious and cheap. Still have some Echézeaux 1993 which is drinking fine now but with substantial improvement ahead.

I’ve had a couple of bottles of Beaux Monts recently-massive and almost completely closed in the way of top 93 Vosnes.

Well, as you word it, Berry…you are probably correct. Accad had no role in the winemaking of the '93s there. But, he did continue to have sway in the vineyard there and at other estates for a while (Senard is one). Interestingly, duing visits to Grivot in '99 and 2002, they were still very proud of the wines Accad made, and though they were quick to point out when he left, it didn’t seem to me that they had stopped “following” his ideas, though they were clear to talk about Etienne’s winemaking. (Some estates that used Accad, are still “followers” and think the guy and his methods got a raw reception; the 1988 Grivots, have to me, turned out quite well, as have some Senards from that era, though they took a long time to come around.)

Interesting era there. Many theories offered in 2007 to me why he was so controversial, including his heritage (Algerian) and his abundance of self-confidence. I also think that those for whom he “made wine” (as opp. to vineyard practices, which was Accad’s real occupation)…didn’t like the label “Accad” wine and wanted their own names more frequently associated with the product–more than the inherent quality of the wines he “made”.