TN: 1993 Château Margaux (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux)

  • 1993 Château Margaux - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux (18.08.2016)
    Excellent, fresh, deep, well balanced, but not special.

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Thanks for notes.
The Margaux must be one of the best from Bordeaux, anno 1993. (Ch. Margaux is always delivering !)
I haven’t tasted it, but have drunk many top '93 wines, and all performed under expectation of what great chateaux can. And the lower classes as well.
The Petrus is IMO not worth a tenth of the price, and has disappointed Me twice. -89 and -90 pts. -some years ago. (The 1992 Petrus, actually surprised Me. A fine, elegant wine, showing over My expectations, and much better than the '93.)
Mouton R is also weak, compared to normal style.
Pichon Comtesse, acid overtake, too much red apples, had it twice, not for Me.
Latour, not using the potential to the full.

Had a 1993 La Fleur de Gay, like ten years ago, and this is My best memory from the 1993 bords. It was scored 93-94pts. So, good stuff was produced, but it’s just hard to find.

Not much 1993 in My cellar.

Kind regards, Soren.

Hi Soren,

It was really a very fine drink. All I had written and more. The nose had freshness and some floral lift. The palate was full and still refreshing. Just not special. Didn’t have the extra oomph or transporting character.

OTOH, I shouldn’t expect miracles from such a vintage.

One of My greatest Margaux surprises, was a 1984, impulse-buy, very cheap (sub $100), in 2006. Only one in the shop.
Super bottle. Purple color, salty, the nice mellow lactic acid feel, fine ripe black/blue fruits. Not a block buster, just very very nice Margaux.