TN: 1991 Wittmann Westhofener Steingrube Albalonga Spätlese

So apparently Phillip Wittmann pulled out his Albalonga vines some time ago. I think being forced to drink Cornelissen Magma for the rest of his life might be an adequate punishment for such a sin.

Seriously, this is f*cking amazing, and it’s tragic that this wine isn’t being made any longer.

Absolutely spectacular aromatics - there’s rich peachy and tropical fruit, honey, more flamboyant minty, herbal, spicy and mustard-like elements all coming together on the aromatics, and it’s similarly kaleidoscopic on the palate with amazing complexity; a whirlwind of spicy, herbal and ripe tropical/white fruited flavours balanced by incredible acidity that cuts through whatever sweetness remains here. There’s tremendous precision here, a remarkable sense of lightness on the palate and the finish just keeps resonating long after each sip. Absolutely stunning - a real wow.

Glad you liked it. I have been obsessed with this wine since 2000.

Yeah, I liked those wines too. Unfortunately, he couldn’t sell them and Albalonga isn’t well suited to dry wines (much like Rieslaner) because of it’s sensitivity to Botrytis and super-high acidity.

There are still some older vintages available at the winery.