TN: 1991 Wittmann Westhofener Steingrube Albalonga Spätlese (Germany, Rheinhessen)

Wow, it this good. Spearmint and nectarine ride a rich frame that suggest substantial sweetness, but at this point (not 20 years ago when I first tried it) it finishes dry. The flavors persist long past the sip, and the wine makes a lovely partner with coriander and mint marinated chicken kabobs.

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Thank you for the interesting note, David. I had no idea that Wittmann made an Albalonga Spätlese way back in the day - sounds like it held up really nicely.

They made a bunch of great Albalonga back in the day. A 1994 Albalonga TBA was and still is one of the greatest sweet wines I have ever tasted.

Imagine the 1994 TBA was quite special. So far, I’ve only ever the 1996 and 1998 Albalonga BAs. Both showed what this otherwise forgotten crossing can do in the right hands.

I still have the 1998 and the 2002 BA. They are both pretty amazing, but sadly not close to the 1994 TBA.

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Ok, might as well ask…
What are the odds that my random 375ml of the 1989 BA is alive and well?

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Depending on provenance, it should be just fine.

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Digging up this thread since we just opened the 1989 Albalonga BA. Darker color than expected but in good condition. Less sweet than I’d expect from a Riesling BA; not sure if it’s typical for an Albalonga. Nice balancing (but not searing) acidity. Accessible, tasty fruit profile. Good stuff.

According to Delectable I opened my 92 TBA in 2014, it was amazing but definitely at plateau.