TN: 1991 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars, Petite Sirah

Wow, what a treat this was! Too bad they stopped making PS as this was incredible!


Getting PS happy here @wineberserkers! Nice one Rich…can’t go wrong with 1991 Cali!

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Definitley not mad about seeing more PS notes around here :slight_smile:

Cheers bud!

Where are my Ridge Essence bottles…starts digging…

That is a GREAT question! Have a couple 2001’s in half bottle, but I’ve never tried one. Do you have any kicking around?

Yes. 2001 in 375s. I think one is easily accessible.

Nice note, Rich. Sounds awesome. Curious, was this from the recent library sale?

We should pick a day and pop one! I’d totally be up for that!

Thanks Carlo! And nope, this bottle was from auction. Forget what I paid…but it wasn’t much!

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Great note Rich, and glad you liked it! As you know, I had a very similar experience with my '93 Stag’s Leap PS.

Really incredible wine!

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Thanks Mark! Your comments on your 93 are what inspired me to open this one…and I’m really glad that i did! Just in a perfect spot for my tastes.

The 2001 Essence has been located. Probably needs to stand up a few days.

Had a 93 Elyse Morisoli Cab last Saturday. Literally couldn’t have been any better. Cork was in perfect shape.

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Same! Maybe Wednesday or Thursday next week? Thursday might be better on my end but let me know what you think [cheers.gif]

I have Friday off next week, so Thursday should be good.

Sounds like a plan buddy! Let’s do it!