Recently had these with some awesomely prepared lamb shanks, no I didn’t prepare them :slight_smile:

1990 Chateau Prieure Lichine: Decanted for an hour this showed great right from the start. Red cherry, cassis and some plum lurking. Nicely concentrated with notes of leather, cigar tobacco and iron. This wine continued to improve throughout the dinner. Tannins pretty much resolved but still has good acidity. The winner tonight though both were solid wines.

1996 Chateau Sociando Mallet: Also decanted 1 hour this wine showed many classic trademarks of SM but without the overall concentration of fruit of the Prieure Lichine. Cassis, cherry, earthy -loam, tobacco and signature herbaceous notes. Very good wine just not as “seamless” as the PL.
Both wines were a great compliment to the lamb shanks.

Very affordable now, also.

Victor, at that price the PL is an excellent value

Still WineHunting…even through I need no more wine.

We had some 1990 Raus(z?)an Segla over the weekend…wonderful stuff.

1990 Margaux AOC was lovely.

Thanks for the notes.