TN: 1990 Fontanafredda Barolo Vigna La Rosa

This wine is now officially at peak. My second bottle in the past couple of months, it is showing beautifully now. Soft translucent garnet color at first, deepening with air. Initially, tannins retain considerable grip, though this softens with time. Sweet crushed red berry fruit, tar, some lovely funk - iron rust and earth - with a strong sharp finish. Lacks a bit in the structure department, but this is becoming one of my favorites of Fontanafredda’s wines.

Very nice,Steve…and something tells me you got a good deal on these… [cheers.gif]

I would agree, at peak and time to drink.

Fontanfredda seems not not get it’s due sometimes, Plenty of wonderful wines were made here, still have some from the 70’s that need drinking. A great line-up for an offline!

Just picked up some 2000 La Rosa a few weeks back. Looking forward to checking that one out.

Whoa! How much did you drink before posting that grammatical mess? neener

Yes, indeed. And went back to the source for more. Unfortunately, they are now all sold. But the remaining 5 in my cellar will be put to very good use over the next 1-3 years.

Just the usual, which is to say whoa, my glass is empty.


WQith the day I’ve had not enough, and a bottle of this sounds like it would be nice, though I’ll have to make due the 82 Cordero di Montezemolo Monfalletto.

O well,you’ll have to get by with that little wine from a meager vintage… neener
BTW,for you WBs,there’s no more generous host around than this guy,to echo Ken…

I remember drinking some older Fontanafredda at your place years ago – time for another shot at them. I have some 82s and 78s as well. But I think the 90s outperform them both.