TN: 1990 Domaine des Héritiers (Louis Jadot) Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Ursules

  • 1990 Domaine des Héritiers (Louis Jadot) Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Ursules - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Beaune 1er Cru (9/26/2012)
    “Simple” Midweek Dinner (La Barca) (La Barca, Goodman Arts Centre): This was very good. It did take awhile to get off the mark though, at least on the palate. The nose was very pretty from first pour, with a very ripe 1990 character to its sweet scents of slightly roasted cherries and strawberries, some dried rose petals and a toss of dried earth. Very attractive. The palate was rather less so initially. A bit fizzy and cola-ish at the start, it was only after an hour where it calmed down into a delicious freshness, with bright flavours of ripe cherry and strawberry that seemed to belie the heat of the vintage. On the midpalate, the red fruited notes were flecked with savoury earth and meat, more dried flowers and a touch of fruit tea at the finish. Great stuff. It did remain a bit spritzy throughout, but not quite enough to distract after the wine had a chance to clam down and take on some air. Imperfections apart though, it was such a yummy wine, and drinking really nicely at the moment as well. (92 pts.)

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Per usual, very nice note, Paul.
Ursules was the topic of much conversation at our dinner Sat night as the '93 was one of the wotn along some heady competition.
I’d say the '93 showed pretty similar to your description above with some obvious youth still.
Ursules is a relative steal for Burgundy considering what the wine becomes with age.

The Ursules does age well. The question I have is whether it is worth the huge premium over Jadot’s other Beaune premier crus. Some years I get it, other years another one. Thoughts?

Good question. I never really thought Ursules as a huge premium over the others.
I have, or have had, '98-08 in my cellar and haven’t paid more than $65, with many purchased for around $40.
I guess that’s more than Couchereaux, Bressandes and Teurons, but not too much more. And probably worth it. to me.

Right now, the Ursules is about $50-60 and the others about $35-40. Just not sure.

Now, I am just speaking in the realm of Jadot. I think Jadot is as good for bang for the buck as any red wine producer in Burgundy.

Don C recently found that '93 we had Sat for ~$60. Worth every last penny and more.

With you all the way on that.

Yes - right on.

In Quebec, Canada …Jadot - Beaune - Les Boucherottes 05 is at $ 49 whereas CdUrsule 05 is at $ 72.

Peter, I have a few 90s. How much longer will they go in your opinion?

Steve : I prefer to drink my red Burgundy on the young side. For example just ( repeat : just ) before they reach the maturity because I love the see and experiment… the fastest changing phase of the range of metomorphose of a wine. I do not have any 1ieme from vintage 1990 left.

I always drink and enjoy any 1ieme cru red over the course of dinner - around 3 hours - in my big burungy glass with Cantonese foods.

Once a red wine reaches its maturity, the pace of the metomorphose is at much slow which is OK …but so not excite and complex.


I have never thought of pairing burgundy with Cantonese cooking. Seems inspired, and something to look forward to.

Thanks for the suggestion.


I have tears in my eyes each time I read TNs ( and photos of the Cantonese dishes flirtysmile ) posted by Mr. Jamie Pettigrew for wine events held in Rests in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Wine Society.

Many of my burgundy wine buddies in Montreal, Quebec, Canada are Canton chefs and restaurent partners.

I agree except for the spritziness part. Didn’t get any of that.


I’ve had 1990 several times in the last 12 months. I think the wine is in exceptional shape, clearly at its peak. No signs of decline. I find this wine well worth the small premium over Jadot’s other permier crus. It’s aging potential far outstrips the others. Hope this helps.

Thanks Adam. I had the 1959 from 3L earlier this year and it was fantastic!!!

If I found a 93 for that price, I would not be complaining about value. It is amazing how often one can get an older wine for the same price as the newest vintage.

Agreed that this is a great wine. Had it last year at the Paulee Verticals in NY and it was just singing.