TN: 1990 Chateau Souverain Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

So I have a few miscellaneous cases of wine in the passive cellar at home, and I decided to go rummaging. I ran across this bottle, and the fill was pretty good–low neck–so I figured
what the heck? Well, I was amazed that a 27-year-old Zin would still taste this good. The color was a medium purple, with slight bricking at the edges. It’s definitely on the claret/savory side of
aged Zinfandel, but quite a core of ripe Zin fruit in the midpalate. What really surprised me is that the tannins were NOT fully resolved, although they certainly had smoothed out. While I had
never intended to age this bottle like this, as a serendipitous aging experiment it turned out very well. And the half of the bottle leftover from Night 1 still drank well on Night 2! Who knew?

Zin #1.jpg

Nice, Bruce. That price tag is a badge of honor!


That looks like an old Wine Exchange price tag.

Chateau Souverain THE REAL DEAL back in the day!

.and the Cabernets were simply the best dollar for dollar Cabernets on the market back then -

You are correct, sir!


Sometimes I smile when I look at the old price stickers; sometimes I silently weep. This was more of a smile…