TN:1990 Cantemerle

1990 Ch. Cantemerle, Haut-Medoc. 07/20/19

Stood up for 5 days and double decanted just before serving to dump 1/5th of the content with sediment. Paired with a ribeye dinner at home. Ruby red with just the slightest of bricking. Medium-bodied, 12 abv as per label. Can-sniff-all-day tobacco, fruit and flowery, with hint of Margaux-berry, aromatics. Plenty of ripe blue and black berries, a gentle touch of broth and decent acidity. Elegant. Perfect length for the age. I’ve had the 1990 at least once, maybe twice, before but this bottle showed the best, and it could very well be one of the best that I’ve had from this property. A-


Strong note, RC. For whatever reason, this vintage hasn’t been on my radar, but I’ll look now. Was it at the big verticals night in Dale’s backyard? I don’t recall it there.


I opened a bottle around September last year that made me hunt for this one that I just opened. Last year, bottle was pop-poured in a restaurant and was already good, but not as good as this recent one that I double-decanted a couple of hours before dinner.

You compelled me to pick up a couple of 89s (no 90s available). Thanks for the excellent note.

Interesting and thanks Ramon, have been hunting down the 1989 in recent years, which of course was released for a song iirc Farr Vintners released at something like £130ib in Blighty, but it didn’t even really occur to me that the 1990 would be so good.

Love the 89.

Bottles variability had been my experiences with the 1989 Cantemerle. Some were good, others were just OK. One thing is certain for me, that the 1989 present the more traditional claret example.

Thanks for the nice note, Ramon! My Favorite, however, is the 1989. No disappointment so far.

Yeah, I’ve had excellent luck so far with 89, they’ve all been consistently strong.

83 is a heck of a vintage too.

Yes, the 82, 83, 85 and 89 (and now the 90, it sounds like) are all standouts. The 1966 had at Dale’s was also outstanding: CellarTracker! Cantemerle & Lagune Vertical

Good to know. Picked up a case of ‘66 a few months ago, hopefully they are still alive and kicking.

96 is an excellent Cantemerle as well. It drank exceptionally well young.

Good to be reminded by the notes. I was looking at my saved iPhone notes on that dinner and was wondering if I missed out writing one on the 1990. Turns out we didn’t have it then.

Nice score on the 66s!

The 96 is my favorite post-1990 Cantemerle by a wide margin.

I have hopes for the 09 and 10, but for my palate the jury is out on those stylistically speaking.

Yes the 1996 is shaping up promisingly still youthful with notable mid-palate density…in a few years it will be ready to take over the mantle of standard bearer for this estate from the 1989…for the very long haul my money would be on the 2010

Has any one has the 14/15/16? I purchased 16s in 375 format.

second this. had it from a 375 a couple weeks ago and it was still awesome. took an hour or so to open up and the next day was still rockin!