TN: 1987 Ridge Geyserville (USA, California, Sonoma County)

  • 1987 Ridge Geyserville - USA, California, Sonoma County (6/4/2010)
    Stored perfectly since release. Nose of urine when first opened had me me a little concerned, but blew off after 30 min. to show more of cedar and tobacco. Nice plum, tobacco, and a hint of brown sugar on the palate. No lack of fruit at this stage and plenty of nice acidity to keep it feeling pretty fresh for a 23 yr old Zin. Glad I still have one of these left and will hold for a least another year as this one seems to have plenty of life left.

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Urine as in ammonia or uric acid? I probably would have poured it down the drain without tasting had it been ammonia.

More along the lines of cat pee, and the thought of pouring it out crossed my mind, but with a lot of time invested in cellaring these I gave it a chance and am very glad I did.

You been holding these since release? If so, pretty good discipline on your part.

They were from my dads cellar. Died in 2000 and have been in mine since then.

Opened one of these with our picnic lunch at the Monte Bello assemblage tasting. Seemed a little on the weak/over-the-hill side when opened, but had really come around when I revisited about 45 min later.

And here I was opening a 2007 Geezer last night. Not infanticide, but I’d have preferred Jay’s bottle.

I thought the one I opened last Sunday was infanticide. It was a lot more about potential than good drinking to me.

speaking of infanticide…

I see the 2008 is out (at least at online retailers). Anyone tried it yet?

Is that even legal?

probably not. but since when does that stop anyone around here? [drinkers.gif]

I’ve got several 1997s left. These rarely disappoint, but the notes on the 87 are surprising. Glad you didn’t let the cat piss turn you off.

I saw that as well. The 07’s haven’t even been on the shelves for a year.


I’m not saying the '87 is for everyone, if your into big ripe young fruit you probably aren’t going to dig this. If you have had some good quality Zins with age them you would love it, for me they show slot like older bdx.

1997 was by far my favorite year of the this, your lucky to still have some of them- I wish I still did.

Perhaps an excuse for a trip to Atlanta for an offline?? [cheers.gif]

That’s something I would love to do.

Yep. VERY primary, but shows greatness. Could use a minimum of 5 years in bottle. (The '09 is developing well and should also be great.)

Just to chime in, I opened a 1987 Geyserville about a month ago (winebid purchase) and it performed similarly. On first pour I took a sip and opened another bottle. But 30-45 minutes later it was a lovely mature wine. No need to hold them certainly but very enjoyable.