TN: 1985 Vouvray MB

1985 Marc Bredif: Vouvray Moelleux

I fancied a youthfully fresh yet interesting wine, so I chose this bottle. One of my favourite old school producers who ceased making wine years ago. No separate vineyard designation on the label, but it says Moelleux in the bottom left hand corner of the main label. No alcohol % on the label, was that legal at the time? Bright green glass bottle, simple label which I like. Crystal clear light gold colour. The nose was, for about 30 seconds, giving off classic hints of wet wool that aged Chenin Blanc does. With air, wet slate, fresh pineapple and fine honey come out to play. The harmonious mouthfeel is more demi-sec for me, fresh and persistent with a core of slightly sweet pineapple. Ready to drink now, though should evolve slowly for another decade or two.

Bit to young methinks…still 2 bottles of the 47 waiting incase you ever make it over to the low lands…

Thanks Cameron, a most generous offer. For me, the few 1985 Vouvray’s that I have tried, including from Huet, are ready to drink.

Nicos, great note as always. I just picked up the 2014 bottling yesterday. Something tells me I won’t be holding it until 2045 :slight_smile:.