TN: 1985 Olga Raffault Chinon Les Picasses rouge

My first really mature Raffault, recently released from the domaine. Silky texture, like a mature cotes du beaune, soft and aromatic, with scorched, earthy tones, but a serious, in your face green streak. Like raw green pepper. Overall, an elegant, neat and totally distinctive wine and in are really good spot right now–no rush to drink but can’t imagine getting any better.

Excellent note, I love that 85!

I need to track some down, I just grabbed some 04 library releases in 375.

I’d love to try one of these. A bottle of 85 Olga Raffault was mentioned in Wine Girl (IIRC). She considered it a Som-geek bottle.

Thanks for the note! I had one couple of months ago and it was absolutely fantastic. Wish I can track some more down.

Love how Raffault does regular library releases so you can taste properly aged properly stored wines. I recently had the 1990 and it was very good. I found it a little rustic to reach the very top tier of wines but it had wonderful complexity, balance, and character

I wonder if there will be more of their library releases coming again soon?

Sounds fantastic. Will be on the lookout. Thanks for the note, Greg!


As did I. Have not taken delivery yet but kicking myself I didn’t order more!!! What a no brainer in that format, right?

I love the older Raffault wines as well, the 89 and 90 are a treat.

Haven’t seen any older Raffault lately but the 1995 C&P Breton Bourguiel “Perrieres” is in stock in their Oregon distributors book.
I bought 2 bottles recently and it’s a fantastic wine as well. Very fresh, and needs a few hours to really get going. We drank it over 2 days, and I loved it both days.

I’m guessing Sec, Avalon, or Vinopolis could all procure it pretty easily and would have good pricing.

I still have an '85, and a couple each of the '89 and '90. I bought them as late releases, all around $70 or $80. It looks like they’re selling for much more now, in contrast to what I paid for my 2006 ($22), 2007 ($18), and 2014 ($22). I always buy a case planning to cellar long term, then run out of space and drink them or give them to friends.

It’s great to hear there’s no hurry opening my 1985.


Just got my sixpack of the 04 library releases in 375 delivered today. Give them a rest and will check on one later this month.

It’s fantastic. Enjoy!

These are great! Bought 2 and should have bought 2-3 more. They are drinking well now, but still have plenty of life ahead of them. Really nice for a ~$15 375.

I didn’t know they would age that long! I just picked up a '14 on Wine Bid wish I could have gotten multiple bottles.

I’m trying to stock up on as many '14s as I can haha. [wink.gif]

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