TN: 1985 Klein aux Vieux Remparts Riesling Schlossreben

This was a Garagiste wine we had last weekend. Not really worth the steep tariff, but a good wine nonetheless. If the complexity on the nose had followed through on the palate it would have been more successful.

  • 1985 Klein aux Vieux Remparts Riesling Schlossreben - France, Alsace, Alsace AOC (5/22/2009)
    Light lemon color. This is a very interesting and difficult wine to describe and rate. Nose is a complex mix of damp autumn leaves, with some background elements of spice. On the palate it is full bodied with racy acidity, bone dry and austere, with flavors of diesel and anise. Short on the finish. (89 pts.)

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Thanks for the note. I bought some of the '96 he offered from the same bottling. Seems like the fruit wasn’t meant to live that long to me on those. Good acidity and minerals though.

I have a few of the 96 Burgreben, which I assume is a different bottling than the Schlossreben. Haven’t tried it yet, but going by the current CT notes, it doesn’t have much fruit either.

You are correct. I wasn’t paying attention to the vineyard. At least one of those CT notes is mine and I shared another bottle with some friends over dinner Wednesday with similar results. Not ‘dead’ or oxidized but they just seem as though the acid has outlived the fruit at this point.