TN: 1985 E Guigal La Turque

Had a bunch of great wine the other night with the Jersey boys but this one stuck out in my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not great at tasting notes but here goes. When I decanted this before I left for the restaurant the bouquet filled the room. It smelled like lavender, raspberries, earth and raw meat mixed together. The mouthfeel was incredible-layers and layers of red fruits like strawberries and a smoky spiciness that filled every corner of my mouth. It was so smooth and balanced but great acidity kept it fresh. The finish was endless. It kept expanding and opening up over 3 hours. Experiences like this are what keep me obsessed with cellaring great wines. Its really hard to believe this came from 4 year old vines! I need to hold onto my remaining La Las for a very long time. Wine of the year and maybe the last few years for me.

One of my absolute favorites.

Thanks, David, sounds wonderful. I’m doing my best not to be jealous! [cheers.gif]

David, it was a great wine. Thanks for sharing it!

1985 LT was actually the first vintage ever … young vines (5 y)… and an incredible effort …
I had it first in (I think) 1991 - and it was a relevation then … and is still now …

I guess this means I should keep cellaring the 1999’s for another 15 years
Thanks for the inspiring note

Yes you should!

Hey David, no credit for me calling this 85 La Mouline??? [snort.gif]

Paul, bottles like this are meant to be shared. Glad I was with a group that could appreciate it.

Gerhard, I am aware this was the first vintage. The fact that 4 year old vines could produce a long lived masterpiece like this is a testament to the amazing terroir. Marcel made a good call snapping up this parcel in 1980!

Claus, at least 15 more years, likely 20. Unfortunately these wines take decades to realize their full potential.

Ian, spectacular, riveting call. The call of the night! How’s that :slight_smile:

The Sine Qua Non of France :slight_smile:

No - far from that - totally different style.
Guigal owns lots of own vineyards, the wines are highly elegant with age … no concentration monsters …
(I haven´t had a SQN that I would have called “elegant” …)

This wine is still one of the top 10 wines of my life. Full marks!