TN: 1985 Arnoux Suchots, a Tale of Two Bottles

First bottle. Bricking throughout. Bouquet of damp earth, spice, smoke, and hints of red cherries and violets. There is some serious stink that emerges as the wine sits in the glass, but blows off after thirty minutes. Medium bodied but slightly hollow on the palate, with a slight taste of red cherries and spice that quickly vanishes on a short finish. Decent acidity and fully resolved.

Second bottle. Slight bricking. Intense and fragrant bouquet of red fruit, spice, damp earth, smoked meat and mushrooms. Some barnyard aromas emerge but blows off quickly. The perfume is intoxicating, and soars from the glass. Medium bodied, elegant and concentrated, with flavors of sweet red cherries, tangerine peel and spice that coat the palate and linger on a long finish. Velvety mouthfeel and nice acidity. The slightest of tannins emerge on the back end. A joy to drink, and appeals both to the senses and intellect.

The first bottle was bought at one of the old Sam’s legendary warehouse sales, and the second from a cellar purchased in France earlier last year. I have no idea of the shipping and storage conditions of the first bottle, and how many hands it passed through before it found its way onto Sam’s floor. The second bottle was moved twice, from the producer into a cold and damp cellar, and from there to my cellar.

That second bottle sounds delicious

It was a revelation, Charlie!

78 Arnoux Suchots was also revelatory years ago.

Reg. older Arnoux bottles: there are several late releases, which have been “reconditioned” … and I don´t think to their benefit … (tired, slightly oxidized)

I´ve tasted a 1976 and 1978 …

the b I tasted in 05 wasn’t reconditioned.

… and that´s (probably) why it was so good … !

the reconditioned RSV and Latricieres were, as you noted, lesser examples of the vineyards.