TN: 1983 Torres Coronas

This was one of those late night drunk Winebid birthyear wine purchases. And as a disclaimer: I have very limited experience with old wines.

Decent looking bottle, 3cm ullage, cork came out in 2 pieces but seemed surprisingly intact until I butchered it.
Mahogany with a slight hint of ruby red, very clear rim. Nose of raisins, soy sauce, very savory notes (if umami would be a smell, this would likely be it), hints of cola, burnt brown sugar and dried figs. Palate is somewhat pleasant with even slight tart fruit and acidity left, and a very tiny hint of tannins that probably existed at some point. Obviously way past it’s peak (if it even ever had one, this is a $15 bottle after all), but a very interesting experience with a wine that is still hanging in there.

In the late 80s a store in Denver had a large quantity of these in 375ml bottles. They may have been 1983 or 1982. They were selling them for less than $2 and maybe closer to $1. After some initial tastes a friend and I each bought a large quantity. I think we might have each had 60 bottles or so at one time. We referred to it as “the free wine.”

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The Gran Coronas Black Label was pretty good back then. They seem to have dropped off the map, though.


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I still have some Mas La Plana from 1988-1996.

Time to open them.

1996 Mas La Plana was the reason I originally got interested in wines. It was my first “oh damn, wine can be delicious” moment.

Spanish Cab is almost a misnomer. They did it right in the 80s and 90s.

Drank this stuff regularly in the 80’s. Always enjoyable, never expensive.

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