TN: 1982 Château Siran (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux)

  • 1982 Château Siran - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux (5/10/2010)
    moldy cork, yet excellent fill - resolved wine with no tannins but elements of fruit, perfume, and earth remain - this is still kicking and enjoyed by everyone - drank over 2-3 hours (90 pts.)

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I have forwarded this to Siran’s owner (who is a very good friend). Had their '82 many, many times and I find it a great old-school Margaux at a most reasonable price. Was this bottle of yours magnum or regular format?

For whatever it is worth, the '82, together with their '53, '89 and '00 are my favorite vintages of Siran. Their 2009 is also very good. Their wines are best with material age on them, I find, and do reward patience.



Please tell your friend that a recent double mag of the 82 was stellar!

I just did, Henry. Cheers!


I drank the 2000 Chateau Siran last night with some friends. The cork end was black and in perfect condition. Lots of black fruit on the nose but yet tasted Very earthy, lots of minerality Not much fruit on the pallet but it was very well balanced after it opened up at about 3.5 hours. 91+

Thanks, S. 1982 was a gorgeous year in Medoc and I share your observations on this very classic Margaux.

Hi Henry. Happy you enjoyed the double magnums. 82 is still nice to drink even tough it’s close to 30 years old!And specially when you have such a large bottle. Thks for your support to Siran.

Hi TL, thks for your comments on the 2000 who is inteed drinking very nicely for the past 2 years.It remained closed until 08 but know you have quite a complete wine there. hope you will enjoy more vintages of siran in the future! Our 04, 05 and 06, eventough still young are starting to drink nicely.
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Monsieur Miailhe, thank you for your comments. I know that I always appreciate it very much when châteaux owners and wine makers take the time to enrich our discussions with their comments. I hope we will see you again in the future.

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