TN: 1982 Chateau du Tertre, Margaux, Bordeaux

Yeah, I know, my TNs can go on (and on) . . .
I had a case of this wine disappear in the 1990’s due to teenage hijnks(and admittedly parental shortcomings), but I found a single bottle recently at Cellar-Raiders and thought WTH. With expectations set low, but also with hope kept alive by an incorrigible naivete for things to turn out well, I plunged the corkscrew into the butter-like cork. The cork was totally wine soaked and the last ¼ in fell into the bottle. (hmmm. . . maybe this is a wine for that Durand thing!). Strained and poured the wine into a decanter about an hour before our meal and waited. Expecting the worst, but (in truth) hoping for the best.
I poured a little into a stemless glass to check in on before dinner. First taste was very light and almost tart. Patience may be needed, grasshopper! Despite this Eastern philosophical reminder, with Western pragmatism I opened a 2014 Rose Rock Pinot as a potential backup. A taste profile started to develop for this wine over the hour-not knock you socks off, but very balanced, almost feminine.
Dinner: A beautiful filet cooked perfectly to medium rare served with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. (Thank you, Jacqueline!) The wine showed well with the food. Balanced, smooth, still with fruit and some spice, but no tannins at all ( at 37 years!!) Feminine. Beyond pleasant. Enjoyable. Pretty happy that that this bottle was as good as this and that we were able to drink it with our son Peter, who was born in 1982. That was the plan all along.
Thanks for reading.
1982 tertre.jpg

Congratulations, I don’t think I’d buy a bottle of this from 1982, 1983 maybe but doubtful, glad you had such a good experience, sounds like a great night.

I love this wine! Glad your bottle performed

As I recall, the 83 was outstanding. Why your hesitance?

1982 everything comes at a premium, 1983 not so much but Margaux gets a bit of a bump due to Margaux’s stellar wine, but at 37 years for a lesser producer, seems risky barring a great price. Rather pay more and reduce risk.

But the '83 Du Tertre was a sleeper. The chateaux had a reputation for mediocrity at that point, but the '83 was really good – what you’d expect from a solid classified growth '83 Margaux.

Beautiful color

This was the top of the Billboard Hot 100 on the day I was born:

Trying to collect more of that wonderful '82.