TN: 1979 Domaine Louis Trapet Chambertin

  • 1979 Domaine Louis Trapet Chambertin - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Chambertin Grand Cru (2/9/2019)
    From a group purchase of several solid cases from auction years ago - arrived in cardboard boxes labelled “Rossignol-Trapet” with fairly pristine “Trapet” labels affixed so I’m thinking this was part of the divided estate (1990?) that left the original Trapet cellars and therefore was not released commercially until after the divide. Perhaps accounts for the excellent condition that all the bottles I’ve opened have been in. This bottle showed some sediment a few days before when I stood it up. Once decanted, the wine was very clear showing color tones of onion skin with pink underneath. A bit of reduction that blew off with 30 minutes in the decanter. Quite savory on the nose with good, albeit mature, fruit on the palate. This might have matured as much on acidity as tannins but was quite balanced and delicious last night.

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