TN: 1976 Clos du Tart

1976 J.Mommessin - Clos du Tart

At 40 years old, I had wanted to try this rare wine for a while, so stood it up for 12 hours prior to opening. My trusted source who sold me this bottle had remarked that it was missing the vintage label on the neck but he could vouch for the year. The long cork came out cleanly and revealed the vintage to be…1976!

The label refers to the alcohol level as 13.3%. The colour is a deep cherry red with some bricking at the rim. A few sniffs reveal deep and ultra fine nuances of Asian spices and cooked meats. The slightly sweet but mostly savoury mouthfeel is so finely textured that its silliness glides effortless around my mouth. It is the kind of wine that, served visible or blind, makes you stop and concentrate. Clearly Grand Cru quality, it manages to both entertain and stimulate the brain. There is still a slight chewiness to its body and a very fine thread of acidity that tingles the tongue. It opens up slowly over two hours and showed no signs of decline.

lovely bottle and notes.

Nice, Nicos.
Great that there was good structure left. One of the last “old style” vintages of RB.

What a treat!

So, you stood it up…and decanting it off the sediment into a decanter? any filtering…or did you leave a portion in the bottle with the sediment? (If so, what % of the bottle)? And, did you let it have any aeration before tasting/drinking?

Cheers guys!

Stuart, to answer your questions:

  • No decanting.
  • Left portion in the bottle with sediment
  • c3% of the bottle left with sediment
  • No aeration in bottle before I started drinking.


is that 3%?

thanks, Nicos.

you must have poured it all in one motion into a decanter, right? rather than keeping going back for more to fill your glass(es)?


Looks like it was in fantastic condition Nicos.

Had this a number of years ago and enjoyed it very much. If you ever run across the 1978, try it. At the time it was better tha the 1976.

Stuart, yes circa 3%. Poured in one motion, the sediment was relatively light.

Thank you chaps!