TN: 1971 Gaja Langhe Nebbiolo Sori del Turco

Fill and colour were good, the cork crumbled into a pile of sand upon opening. I strained into a decanter and the wine was superb when we got to it a couple of hours later. There were some mushroom and truffle notes along with Indian spices. It was rich and heady, with an intense core of ripe red fruits. There was some Turkish delight and tar flavours. The finish had some balsamic tang and lift and length was prodigious.


My birth year. when I get over to Australia one day I hope you have one for me Jeremy. Also do you have access to Royal Melbourne.

I’d be delighted to open one for you John.

I am not a golfer, but fellow board member Kent Comley is. I’m sure he’d take you for a round at Kooyonga in Adelaide. An excellent course.

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Can Kent spare three days for John to form a full opinion of the golf course though?