TN: 1970 Pauillac

1970 Chateau Mouton Baron Philippe - Pauillac

I have been fortunate to drink two more youthful vintages of this wine (1978 & 1987) and both wines had given much pleasure. The different labels on all three vintages were so simple yet theatrically decorative that they deserve a mention in their own right. Interestingly, the bottom right hand corner of the label states the alcohol level at 11.5%. How times have changed. The colour is a medium cherry red all the way to the rim. A gentle nose of forest floor and wooden spice, with hints of cooked beef. A medium bodied mouthful of savoury texture gently ebbs and flows over my tongue. The mature fruit begin to emerge after a while, casually and without force. A fresh, fully resolved wine which I could not fault, it paired well with Sunday luncheon.

Is this the same estate that eventually was named d’Armailhac?

Since this vintage precedes Mouton’s first growth status by 3 years, I was wondering if this is what now is the first growth.

Arv, yes.

Michael, it was a very tasty wine.

You’ve had better luck than I. Most of the older M-B-P I’ve tried seemed exhausted. But those were picked up far later, and storage was unknown.

Still nice pictures.

Very nice, on all counts Nicos. Thanks!


Kwa Heri,