TN: 1970 Clos de la Roche

1970 C.Leymarie & Fils - Clos de la Roche (Morey St Denis, Burgundy, France)

I thought a festive Burgundy would go down well on sunday, so I chose this one. Bottled by a negociant based in 33 Libourne & 21 Vougeot, the bottle is in excellent condition. Using my Durand, I popped and poured. A fine deep red strawberry colour with a light red rim. The fine nose gently wafted pot pourri, fine salami and strawberry jam into the room. The mouthful is so silky, though with lazer-like core of featherweight tannin and gentle acidity. The persistence is admirable on the palate and this red elixir fades gently into the distance. Served blind, I would have guessed 1985 as the vintage.

great note. Merry Christmas Nicos!

Merry Christmas Suzanne!

Wasn’t CDLR Grand Cru in 1970? What’s the story on the labeling?

I understand why ‘Grand Cru’ isn’t on the label - that frequently was the case up through the 1980s. But why is it listed as ‘Appellation Morey Saint Denis’ - it’s not - and why is it then, as a further contradiction, marked ‘Premier Cru’?

(Following on Craig’s question.). Burg experts?

Leymarie is - at least - proprietor in Clos Vougeot (0.5 ha) … I have tasted a very fine 1964 and still have a 1993 in the cellar.
I don´t know if they own also a parcel in Clos de la Roche.
I think there are family connections to a negociant comp. “Leymarie” in Brussels (and obviously also in Libourne" - maybe this is the result of a family trade of one or more barrels …

Why this is labelled Morey-St-Denis Premier Cru (which is totally legal … since a Grand Cru can be declassified into a Premier Cru with the same name) remains a question - maybe this is made for a foreign market - and they thought “Morey” is better known there than CdlR … or it is a cuvee from young vines and they didn´t want to call it GC …

Thank you Gerhard.

Lovely note as usual. Happy Holidays my friend, glad to see you are drinking well!

Really gorgeous sounding wine Nicos. Merry Christmas to you!

Michel, seasons greetings to you too!

Don, thank you and I wish you a Merry Christmas too!