TN: 1964 Maison Leroy Grands Echezeaux

Reddish orange color and clear rim. Intoxicating bouquet of damp earth, truffles, spice, game, and hints of red and dark fruits. A note of violets emerge with swirling. Spellbinding to smell this. Medium bodied, rich and elegant, with flavors of sweet dark cherries and spice that lead to a long, lingering cherry fruit and spice finish. Mouthfeel is smooth and silky, like a Hermes scarf. Superb balance.

This bottle was drunk on New Year’s Eve along with the 1985 Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill, 1985 Truchot Charmes and 1959 Mouton.
The '59 Mouton elicited ooohs and aaahs, but when the Leroy was poured and tasted, there was absolute silence. A truly compelling bottle, a wine of meditation, and consensus WOTN.

it’s a stupendous wine. i remember when PC had what seemed like cases of the stuff. i know i went through 5 or 6 bottles. that said, i have no idea what was actually in the bottle.

That '59 Mouton, did it still taste like an absolute baby to you? I had a bottle with in a tasting where a '76 drc E won, the '59, my fav made me skeptical about provenance. My notes and the btl I kept were verified as authentic by moutons export dir a week later. According to him, the property was very skeptical about it ever coming around at age 20.

Great juice.

It was like $200-- per bottle or something like that.
2003/2004 ??

It was 2004. I recall the price from PC being $249.99. I bought a case and drank them all with 3 years. Every bottle was spectacular, as described by the OP. Man I wished I had saved a few.

had about 6 of these, PC-acquired also, love–love–love them. Wish I had more, too! This and the old Chapelle Chambertins and Cortons from 64 were great!

The dates sound right, but I think the bottles sold for even less. Good stuff.

Yep, it’s unanimous, I got mine from PC too. If I could find it at $250 today, I’d back the proverbial truck up all day.

The '59 Mouton is fully mature, and as been drinking well for some time already. This was my third bottle in ten years, and well-stored bottles are in no danger of decline anytime soon.

I’ve really liked the 66 maison leroy’s as well. Who were they sourcing these wines from in the 60s? They were awesome

I bought one of these (from PC) and served it at my wife’s 40th birthday party at Manresa in 2004. I couldn’t afford Manresa or Leroy by her 50th :slight_smile:

my notes say $175 from the not-secret list.