TN: 1952 Chapoutier - Hermitage Blanc

TN: 1952 Chapoutier - Hermitage Blanc

I had owned this bottle for a number of years and had been saving it for the right occasion. One of my friends is a Hermitage aficionado and I thought he would be interested to try it. Pristine bottle, cork came out in one piece. Clear amber all the way through, though it looked mature. Beautiful nose of white flowers, ripe apricot and marmalade, with a hint of green herb. Gorgeous rolling mouthfeel of concentrated stone fruit and ripe apricots. It tastes younger than it looked from the colour. The finish tails off gently and ends dry. It reminded us of a mature white Burgundy. A truly excellent and memorable bottle of 65 year old white wine, shared with friends.

Thanks for the post! nice to see one of these kicking around.

Love the pics. Sounds great.

Thank you chaps.

Thanks Nicos. You drink very well.

Looks in fantastic condition! thanks for the pics.

And you had it w/ a Chocolate Bar??? That’s an imaginative combination!!
Thanks for sharing, Nicos. Those white Rhones can last amazingly well.

Jeremy, thank you for your kind words.

My pleasure Tom. To be clear, we did not pair the Hermitage blanc with the chocolate. :slight_smile:

Remarkable! I’ve always been perplexed by the sentiment that white Rhones aren’t meant for aging.

Thanks Nicos. Very fascinating.

Which great wines are not meant for ageing?