TN: 1937 Giacomo Conterno Barolo Riserva Vini Pregiati (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo)

  • 1937 Giacomo Conterno Barolo Riserva Vini Pregiati - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo (1/29/2016)
    A towering achievement in wine. One of the wines of my life. Drank at EMP after being opened with great care. I was nervous as I have a pretty strict long decant protocol with older Nebbiolo but given the situation this was pop and pour. The color was so much deeper than I anticipated and the nose exploded out of the glass. Had everything I look for in aged Nebbiolo in spades. Tar, clove, stewed red fruits. Intensity. As the wine sat in the glass it continued to improve but this was incredible out of the gate. The palate was amazing with a finish that went on forever. I rarely post tasting notes but I couldn’t resist. This was astonishing. (100 pts.)

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Living too well. Thanks, I guess.

Holly Molly!
The color makes it look much younger.
Thanks for the notes.

Wowza! Sounds delicious.

What year is that DRC?


To bad Bill Klapp isn’t around…I’m sure he would have awesome insight into this bottling…

Beautiful, very cool! Thanks for posting! What’s up with “Vini Pregiati,” btw?

Yeah, wow!

The DRC was 2008. It was coravined for a glass. Beautiful wine.

That wine looks gorgeous. Absolutely incredible it could hold up like that but Barolo is meant to age. Very nice!

It meant ‘vintage wines’, albeit considering the word’s other meanings (fine, valuable) that I wonder if the term was intended to portray some prestige.

I’ve had such great success with aged Nebbiolo as long as the provenance is sound. Its unlike any other wine I drink. Unique and mesmerizing.

I was told something comparable would be Chave’s Cuvee Cathelin. In this case, it was not Monfortino, but was a different and unique Riserva that he wanted to have distinction. That being said, I’m sure Ken or Bill or one of the true Nebbiolo experts could give a better explanation.

First of all: thanks for the inspiring note. You rewarded the wine a perfect score, and if a wine deserved that it would be one from Conterno. Or perhaps a Giacosa or a mature Musigny or Chambertin or DRC. Certainly difficult for any from outside Europe. :wink:
Btw did this bottle come direct from Piemonte?

I think “Prestigious Wine” or “Esteemed Wine” would be a reasonable translation. It was just something that the Conternos put on their Barolo Riserva labels from the 1930s through the early 1960s.

Will Guidara (EMP co-owner) called the wine out on Instagram: Will Guidara on Instagram: "This is happening, right now, on table 63 at EMP. Insane... #1937 #elevenmadisonpark #makeitnice @wanderlust640 "

The bottle had a label on it that it was imported by the Rare Wine Co, who is the importer (at least in CA) for Conterno. I presume they brought it directly from Italy.

Love this. Don’t think you’re going to hear many “you opened it too soon!” comments.

One of my best wine experiences was with a '61 Oddero a couple years back sourced from Rare Wine Co. It really is special how Nebbiolo can not just resolve and come together with time, but how it can really grow into something really profound.