Tn 15 pycm cc

surprisingly missing a gear though still a fine wine. Steely minerally focused wine it was not, just a pleasant Chardonnay. We did manage to finish the bottle which empty still weighed as much as other full bottles.

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Thanks Alan. I have had the odd pycm that misses a gear and can be a bit phenolic, but when they’re on, they’re spectacular.

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Odd. We had the '15 CC last year and it was lights out. Truly surprising given the vintage, but it crushed everything else.


The bottle size of the 2014s was so ridiculously gargantuan that he seemed to be testing just how far he could go with the nonsense. I declined my allocations after that. Does the nonsense continue with current vintages?

He explains that he started to use heavy bottles because they remove the risk of shattering when the wine is bottled and corked. His corks are very long, wide natural corks which help minimise the risk of oxidation. Unfortunately the pressure which needs to be exerted on the bottle while its being corked led to a large number of breakages hence his move to the heavyweight glass.

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PYCM bottles have gotten smaller starting, I think, in 2016. It was a bit of a pain when I discovered his '14’s and '15’s didn’t fit in my storage locker’s wooden racking.

PYCM has impressive corks.

Thinking about the '15 PYCM CC
for NYE…

well? We babysat and then drove home, let the kids go out, so it was a dry NYE. Cristal 13 has to wait.