TN: 14 Tremblay Chapelle Chambertin

accolades for Tremblay abound and I got all Tremblay when I saw this on the list, 440€, so we jumped. Stunning wine, such finesse and class. Nose was effusive and complex, wine changing throughout the evening. Palate was fresh and red fruited, even lacy, such a clean lithe wine definitely in the zone. Truly grand vin.


Sounds great. I only ever get to see the CM villages and 1er wines

Where abouts!?

Caves Madeleine? Had the same bottle there in November. It was great.

Years ago went into Woodland Hills Wine and was advised to try a Tremblay Echezeaux, a 2007. It was pretty expensive at something like $150 but I bought some. I loved the look of the label! This was an extremely good bottle. I probably drank all three within a year. After that I got some village level wines at prices above the Echezeaux.

That’s Burgundy!

Well done mate. Sounds terrific.

Troisgros. Had Coche Rougeots last night.

What did you eat?

talked wife into 2 nights. Tasting menu first night. Second night Michel made me an off menu dish he’s famous for that I requested: pigeon à la Kiev. He had to go to the market to buy a pigeon.
I had had it there about 20 years ago (old restaurant).

this was all second night n


wife wanted a simple green salad second night. Hahah. Amazing.

Looks fantastic. Probably the best restaurant on the planet for mine.

environment, service, food, wine, friendliness, everything converges like a magnifying glass focusing the sun and it’s a revelatory experience. Michel at our table talking to us for 10 minutes and serving Denise was a great highlight. Over 50 years a Michelin 3 star . . . and now son Cesar taking over.

20 chefs in the kitchen. Cooking for about 40-50 covers.

a few more dishes

and the grenouilles

Stop it! I have an uncontrollable urge to catch the first plane to Paris.
Great food shots and Denise seems rather enamoured with those perfect asparagus spears!

Did you stay there too Alan, or did you overnight/s in Roanne and taxi there?

Troisgros is still the best to me. Looks gorgeous!