TN: 11' Forman Chardonnay

11’ Forman Chardonnay- The nose shows ripe fruit, melon, lilacs, laundry sheet, sweet oak with a touch of cinnamon, steely with a lemon rind edge. licorice kicks up with a hint of vanilla, lanolin and bees wax, the nose to me is deep and complex that has a musk that underlies all of the aromas that really add to the overall complexity. To me the nose is worth the price of admission, it’s been open a couple of days in the fridge.

Palate is balanced with moderate acidity, steel, slate with creamy lemon pie notes. It has great persistence, but is light and crisp.

This wine to me is a very complete, complex wine, that has years to go until it hits it’s peak. Great wine.

Disclaimer: I rep this wine…