TN:10 Vina Real 'Crianza' [Rioja]

10 Vina Real ‘Crianza’ [Rioja] This is part of CVNE’s lineup so sometimes it’s tagged with CVNE in retail listings. The label states its hand harvested, mostly tempranillo, and 13.5% abv. Color is a medium red, no lightening at the edges yet. Legs are noticeable, yet its a lighter bodied wine, good for summer. I get wood, coconuts, sage on the nose. The palate has a bright line of acidity to it, with a mild hint of tannins. It doesn’t need food to drink well, and benefits from a light chill. I had the 2010 CVNE crianza a few months ago and thought that was ever so slightly better, but wish I could have tasted them side by side, as I think this is supposed to be better. (They do charge a few bucks more at least for this) I thought I’d get more of this, but I’m not so sure now. It’s a B for me. The fruit is more crunchy red than squishy plums. Maybe I’m having a bad day, or it didn’t enough air. Other 2010 Rioja’s I’ve had I’ve quite liked. This would fall into the ‘old school’ camp – not overly extracted, some acidity, and not a blind tasting winning syrup monster.

and not a blind tasting winning syrup monster.

Not sure what that means because after hundreds of blind tastings, I have never found a “syrup monster” to be the likely winner. Quite the opposite in fact.

As far as the Vina Real vs the CVNE I’ve found that the better one really depends on the vintage. I agree with your notes though., The thing is, the wine may be only OK right now, but when you consider the price, in ten and fifteen years it will be better and there aren’t a lot of other wines at that price that can make that claim.

Was it this wine or the CVNE “Cune” that the crazy guy sued Posner over because he didn’t like it?

I tend to have one or the other around depending on what deal is offered. Drinkable, cheap enough to cook with, can age as Greg notes

I didn’t hear about that Posner issue.

I was thinking I might want to age a few, which was the reason for the relatively early consumption.

But now I don’t know.