TN: 10 Summerland 'Bien Nacido Vyd' [Santa Maria]

10 Summerland ‘Bien Nacido Vyd’ [Santa Maria] This pinot noir was served cool over a couple of days, without food. Lighter bodied but raspy tannins. 14% abv. Supposedly 900 cases made. Cool climate according to the label, and tastes watery and rhubarby to me. Celery on the nose. Finish is short. Fairly heavy bottle. I probably would have been better off selecting a commercially oriented supermarket pinot. Interesting to try, but I am better off sticking with RRV pinots when I’m unfamiliar with the choices. C+ in my non pinot centric ledger.

Please don’t base the potential from this vineyard or this area on rhis one wine. There are tons of beautiful pinots made from Bien Nacido fruit, including those made by ABC, Ojai Vineyard, Chanin, and plenty of others . . .


I’ve had some lovely Syrahs and Viogniers from Bien Nacido. I’ve also had some horrible wines from Summerland.