TN: 07 Villa Cafaggio [Chianti Classico]

07 Villa Cafaggio [Chianti Classico] lightly chilled, over a couple of nights, with a mushroom omelet on one of them. 13.5% abv. Color is light ruby, light/medium bodied, not much viscosity/legs. Drinks best on the first night. Nose is clenched, swirling releases some saddle. On the palate it has some good brightness; it pairs well with oily food. Just a touch of bitter coffee/cherry on the short 15 second finish. I liked it but would not particularly seek it out again. I would assume this level of bottling should been drunk up already, but if not, enjoy soon. Hardly any sediment btw. It’s a straight forward midweek wine, for pizza and pasta. It’s a B in my book. Not very knowledgeable about Chianti, but it seemed traditional, prototypical to me.

The 2007 Tuscan wines I’ve been drinking – generalizing of course – have been enjoyable.