TN: '07 Foillard Morgon Côte du Py

At Cafe Castagna, from the list, after we saw Julie & Julia.

The previous bottle we drank of this belonged to a friend and had been open for several hours. While I enjoyed it, I found the flavor/aroma profile very plummy and purple. This second bottle, which we opened just before drinking, was quite different. I couldn’t see the color so well because we picked it off the list at a restaurant with “mood lighting”, but this one smelled far more like Morgon to me. Earth, spice, cherry, flowers… a very Pinot-like Bouquet, but wrapped in a juicy Gamay package on the palate. It’s all here-- a mesmerizing bouquet, tons of food-friendly acid, the structure to age for a few years, and a finish that makes you crave the next sip. And all for what, $25 retail?

Great wine. This and the '07 JP Brun Morgon are my cru Beaujolais of the vintage so far.

We haven’t tried the Brun-- thanks for the tip. [cheers.gif]

We have an '01 and some '05s and '06s in the cellar~Love 'em to death~Haven’t had the '07 yet, but I think I know where I can get some~Heh heh heh heh…


George, we need to bring some into MI…

I LOVE this wine to the point where I’m flying through a case of it. I opened a bottle this weekend upstate with some grilled steaks and fresh potatoes and it was just insanely good. Even the cat liked it.

Actually, Veritas in Warren is the KL distributor here & this wine was in their book last time I looked. I’ll check & see if it’s still available.

Thanks for the note Melissa.
A wine that is new to me, Hardy brought the '06 to our get together last month.
I was rightly impressed. Nice stuff.
Need to get some '07.

That Pommes Ana tart of yours looks incredible!

The cat looks like a troublemaker [wink.gif]

Yeah, Maxine was quite the little troublemaker. While I did help pick the veggies, I didn’t make the Pommes Ana. I am cooking them tonight though for a dinner with Mom.