TN: 07 Domaine des Terres Dorées (J-P Brun) Beaujolais blanc

  • 2007 Domaine des Terres Dorées (Jean-Paul Brun) Beaujolais Blanc - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais (4/19/2009)
    Traci cracked this while cooking. Recommended by our local wine shop and about $15. Surprised to see David S with a note on the wine. Closed under a “nude” synthetic cork. Slightly disappointing and we may think some premox or possibly some heat damage with this bottle.

Red apple, a little honey/butterscotch note, some sea air but short finish, a little lean through the mid and if I close my eyes I almost taste a Rose…There’s also the impression this sees some new oak but some research shows this wine see no new oak (and may be no oak) at all. We’ll pick up another to see if this was not a representative bottle. Despite my sort of down note, I liked it better than Traci who immediately grabbed a Rose for something quaff. It was still very drinkable and just nudging into the Very Good spectrum hence the 85 pts. (85 pts.)

It sees no oak as far as I know, but, yes, it has, indeed, a vaguely vanilla/yogurt-like creaminess/leesiness to it. Likely kept on its leese a while with material battonage (an educated guess on my part, of course).

I had this at a Beaujolais Not Nouveau Dinner in the latter part of November 2008:

2007 Terres Dorées Chardonnay Beaujolais by Jean-Paul Brun - served with, among others, Cyrille Soenen’s excellent home-made pork head rillettes and pâté (I found that the wine married sublimely with the pâté). Initially, this was dominated by clean lines of tense, compact, somewhat steely-flinty apple, a light touch of grapefruit, with very slight oyster-shell/sea-side nuances that reminded me of Chablis.

After a few minutes in the glass, the wine fleshed out, gained nice heft and a bit more breadth in the middle. The grapefruit gave way to svelt white peach and slightly baked apple, bit of citrus (more towards the rear), white flowers, hints of white minerality. As it continued to open, its fruit components took on a slightly riper, more tropical character and whispers of mildly leesy vanilla. I believe this added ripeness, vaguely tropical ripe-sweetness made it such a nice match with the pâté.