TN: 02 Jadot Chevalier Demoiselles

a very disappointing wine when tasted at Don Cornutt’s recent 2002 retrospective, but tonight it’s a bit more in keeping with what I expected. At first, I thought it might be a bit advanced, but with air it tightened up and now it’s a pretty classy drink. A little fatter than most young Chevys, it’s got minerality and verve, nice layers of ripe fruit and a very long finish. It’s much more approachable than expected and I don’t know how long it will last, but tonight’s drink is pretty good. Full of lemon and lime zest and a bit of green apple and pie crust, it’s a pretty good drink . . .

Had the '04 (might have been '05) a couple of years ago - absolutely knocked my socks off, the wife’s too. To this day that is THE White Burgundy that sticks in Joan’s mind as the gold standard. A bottle of 2005 Montrachet last Saturday may have stolen that baton though. Great stuff!

Sounds great Alan. I gave up on Jadot given the high premox rate but love the wines.
Some '02s seem advanced but not oxidized and I wonder if that is due to the high heat of the summer of '03.

the wine kept firming up and becoming more defined and classy–maybe I should have decanted it. By the last glass, it was just rocking . . .

It’s my experience that there is no wine better served by pouring it cold from the bottle and drinking it as slowly as possible as it warms up as Grand Cru Burg. Both mature ones and young ones.

Glad you got a good 02 Jadot.

And I think you mean Don Cornwell. No disrespect to one of Atlanta’s finest. [basic-smile.gif]

I have done that so often. One of them is going to have to change his name.

This used to be one of my splurge grand cru white burgs. It used to be reliably great vintage after vintage. Alas, then came the mid nineties etc.

Glad it showed well for you Alan.


No disrespect taken. My mom won’t let me change my name however.

then Cornwell must change–by default.

Alan, that’s funny. Didn’t Don Cornwell inadvertently leave you off his list of those who had attended?

yes, but I was very quiet that night! I had been drinking (the Jadot) when I posted, so I got the name wrong. My bottle last night was so much better than the one we had at his dinner . . .

Not usually a recommendation. Even though a good drink doesn’t this place this bottle out of style and therefore should be downpointed ?

I wouldn’t rush out and buy more. Jadot has a high premox rate. It just tasted older than it was, a bit fleshed out. Nice wine, but lacking just a bit of leanness that gives definition.

I score on the Zanotti binary system–1 is worth drinking and 0 is not.


I was able to score a bottle from an auction.
Looks like it is time to drink up.