TN: 02 Fevre Clos

first half bottle oxidized, second advanced. Drinkable but not good. Fruit in the back, finish short, very nutty and a bit sherried.

Pity. I have no more 02 white Burgundy left. None.

Have poured more down the drain or suffered thru advanced bottles than I have enjoyed.

'02 Fevre’s are a real land mine. My track record is about one in three have been in good shape (and they are delicious), the rest are how Alan describes. I have a few bottle of Les Clos and Valmur left.

At one time I had a fair amount of 2002 Fevre clos. I had a few really good bottles early on, then the majority became premoxed. Interestingly, I found some non-domain fevre Clos at some point thru premier cru (they do a negotiant bottling) that was excellent and seemed to have a far lower incidence of premox. Everything is gone now.

I seem to remember the 2002 Fevres being recalled in the UK by the agent and a replacement offered

Didn’t they offer the 04? Just as bad.

02s were great until about 06/07. The 01s were only slightly more robust. I never bought 03…
GCs have been bottled with DIAM since 2010…

The '05 was superb two years ago.

Just had a 750 of the '02 Clos last Friday - just lovely. The '05 is still going strong, which is a surprise.

Is DIAM supposed to help with premox too? i thought it was mostly designed around helping prevent TCA taint

DIAM guarantees against premox, too. They have differently-rated corks (5 years, 10 years, etc.), I believe.

Nah, Diam does guarantee against anything, although there is a suspicion that there is less premox under diam (and less TCA). Of the Fevre wines I’ve had, I’ve had none under Diam that have been premoxed, but I’m pretty jaded with regard to premox so I think the jury is still out.

Diam doesn’t guarantee against premox…however they do guarantee that the oxygen transmission will be within a small variance, from cork to cork. Single punch corks (aka normal/regular corks) can have a fairly wide variance of oxygen transmission. The ox trans consistency of Diam takes that element out of the premox puzzle. I’ve been tracking/paying attention to Fevre’s closed with diam, an so far they seem to have a good record. Course, Fevre has done other things to combat premox as well (tho the cork closed bottles from the same vintages haven’t faired as well).

There is no guarantee against premox - only TCA - but the uniformity of ‘performance’ for the closure seems - for now - to be an adequate sticking-plaster. It is, of-course, purely empirical, but I have never met an oxidised (premox - that’s not the same as a bottle with cracked glass and a DIAM seal) white sealed with DIAM - neither (yet!) have Fevre/Bouchard Père.

Villages Chablis (domaine) has been bottled under DIAM5 at Fevre since 2006 - so far they remain stable.

Has anyone experienced DIAM leaching flavour from wine? Or conversely the glue adding off-flavours?

Not me.

To be honest, I’d say at 16 years of age it isn’t exactly a spring chicken. Can’t it just be a cork with higher o2 ingress speeding up development as opposed to premox?

How do you mean “leaching flavour”?

Agreed, not a spring chicken.
But if some bottles of 02 Clos are in good shape, then versus those, this has prematurely oxidised, whether that be due to a poor cork or whatever…

John - as in “suck flavour out of the wine”. Figuratively.