TN: 00' Jasper Hill 'Georgia's paddock' Shiraz, Stanton & killeen Muscat

Feeling in an Aussie mood so I opened a couple

00’ Jasper Hill ‘Georgia’s paddock’ Shiraz- Decanted, washed the bottle and poured back in… Color showed no signs of age…Nose had a ton of bottle funk, tar, asphalt and young with cassis, blueberry and underbrush that matched he palate. The palate has great fruit concentration with refreshing acidity unwound with blueberry, wild cherry, pepper, tar, syrup, but completely fresh and intriguing. This is not and has never been a big jammy monster but has aged into a really good wine.

NV Stanton & Killeen ‘Grande Muscat de Frontignan’- This bottle is from the mid to late 70’s, cost me $25 and wasn’t expecting much… I don’t even know where to begin…WOW…Brown through but clear and bright… Nose is burnt sugar, candied orange peel, vanilla cream, a little heat with roses and lilacs, lemon zest and birch… Palate is Quina, burnt sugar, lemon zest, orange marmalade, vanilla, honey comb, floral with great weight and acid that flows through to the end. There is an interesting dill note that makes believe a bit of American oak. This is absolutely amazing wine and couldn’t say enough… I bought this on a lark as I thought it would be a fun novelty but this is amazing wine.

Viva Australia!!!