TN: 00' Fontodi Syrah, 13' Enderle moll

13’ Enderle & Moll ‘Burgunder’ Weiss and Grau- I had no expectations for this bottle as it was cloudy with falling sediment so I let it settle down for a couple weeks before cracking. WOW, lemon peel, lemon cream, waxy, high toned white flowers with a touch savory-ness. The palate is dry, with moderate acid, a little baking spice but completely pure and complete with orchard fruit, slate and candied lemon. This is really good wine and I, somehow am always amazed at how good Enderle & Moll’s wines are.

00’ Fontodi Syrah ‘Casa Via’- I love Fontodi, their Chianti’s age really well and for some reason I became a fan of this years ago. The nose has great soaring aromatics of white flowers, roasted meat, pork, lifted gram cracker, crayola and tart blueberries all brought together with a strong violet core. The palate is lithe with juicy red fruit, moderate acid, crayola, blueberries, with a touch of spice and barrel notes, at it’s peak. Delicious.


Thanks for the nice notes; Fontodi is one of my favorite producers and that Casa Via sounds wonderful