Tips on bringing wines to Maldives?

I go to Maldives every year and this year I will be staying for 30 nights.
I have never brought wines there. I will be flying from NY. I want to bring several bottles but I need see if the Seaplane will even allow it due to weight limitations. Putting that aside how should I keep the wines cool in my room? Tub filled with ice? Ask the hotel to store them for me? Are there rules I need to be aware of in flying alcohol in to Maldives?
Any advices and tips are welcomed.

30 nights? Nice!

You can’t bring wines, legally.

check their customs page. Pretty sure you can NOT bring in any alcohol to the country.

I believe this is the case. I haven’t been in a few years, but I do think they are fairly strict due to local laws.

You cannot even buy it at the airport and check into the seaplane.

But, you can buy all you like in the hotels! :slight_smile:

Well then. I guess my problems are solved. Lol

Prepare yourself to pay >5x retail, if my friend’s experience was any indication. First world problems! neener

Unrelated, but recall seeing that the maldives had the worst (fastest growing) Covid outbreak last month. Had to remind myself where it was on a map - that is not an easy destination from North America. That is remote.

30 days in the Maldives! What a dream! Do you dive by any chance? I wanted to go there this year for a diving trip.

Yes the flight there is a killer! I usually do a stopover somewhere then continue onwards to Maldives.

Yes I dive. It’s always a nice experience to dive all over the world if you are in to that. Were you planning on diving in MLE for Whale Sharks in particular?

I just use the special wine cooler in my Gulfstream.


40 plus hours/5 airports from Florida and a seaplane ride to the resort, but well worth it once you get there. I never wanted to leave to come back home.


Perfect for when you stop off at Screaming Eagle on your way to the Maldives.


You can’t do it and they will search you. Ask me how I know …

I love Maldives but 30 days, wow! How nice!

I usually do 14 days and it always seems to fly by so this year we made it longer.

The Maldives does not allow alcohol into the country. If you try to bring it in, it will be confiscated. We brought two bottles rum in 2018 and they were confiscated at the airport.