Tiny Amount Of Indirect Sunlight A Problem?

I tried searching and found a few posts, but nothing specific enough to answer my question: Is a tiny amount of indirect sunlight a problem for wine storage?

My current at home storage consists of boxes stacked in an L corner of the basement that gets no direct sunlight. I want to move from cardboard boxes to Weinboxes just to provide a bit of organization and better access. However, a small amount of sunlight does enter the basement via two small windows at ground level. It’s still dark down there, but there is enough light that if I stand in the dark for a few minutes, I can start to see stuff eventually after my eyes adjust. Again, no direct sunlight hits the area where the Weinboxes will be stacked, but small amounts of indirect light must get in there.

Anybody think this is a problem for storage in Weinboxes? (Usually 12-18 months max. Everything long term is at an offsite.)

No it won’t be a problem esp if for storing less than 24 months.

If it makes you feel better you could always install or build something in front of the boxes to eliminate the tiny amount of indirect light.

It’s good that you are thinking about it, though!

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Shouldn’t be a problem, but I would probably just cover up the windows with some construction paper for peace of mind.

No. To be more certain you could put a shade on the window.

Or you could through a blanket over the boxes.

Honestly, this is not something to give a moment’s thought to. I wouldn’t worry about a room with even stronger indirect light, but what you describe is absolutely zero concern.


I wouldn’t worry at all, especially for short term storage as you described.

if wine was as fragile as we fanatics worry it is, it would all have to be drunk within a mile of its place of origin.