Here we have the Italian version of a seafood pie which comes from the town of Gaeta. Gaeta is/was a famous spa located In the middle between Rome and Naples. Even in the ancient times rich people from Rome travelled to Gaeta for summer holidays. Gaeta was connected with Rome by the highway Via Appia. Cicero had a summerhouse in Gaeta. And in the modern times my favorite artist Cy Twombly had a house in Gaeta.

I used a pre-cooked Pulpo. If you use fresh pulpo, let it cook for 50min in water or even better let it simmer with lid on low heat in olive oil with celery, garlic, peperoncino for 1h.

Of course you can use different seafood combinations like Calamari with tomato sauce, BaccalĂ  with potatoes, Mussels with olives and tomatoes or make it with sardines. Or make your own creation.

I have to admit that my dough was too thick, as I used more dough than in the recipe. Also the edges was too rustic. On the countryside I am bit lazy and not such precise like in the city.


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