Thursday night splits: NV Krug, 01 Ridge HR & 03 Suduiraut

popped by zachs house last night for dinner and some bottles. All were 375’s, not sure how we got on this kick but it was fun.

NV Krug: Nice nose of brioche, fresh baked bread with hints of pear and lemon zest. Palate is very full and rich with great depth and weight. Mose of a brioche like component on the palate, interesting toastiness and plenty of bright fruits to keep this from being too overpowering. Easy drinking as the bottle was drained rather quickly; wonderful bottle of NV bubbles.

01 Ridge Home Ranch: All I can say about this that it was very tight. This wine did not give up anything over the course of the bottle. Nose had hints of chocolate, maybe some black fruits but was primarily smoke, iron and creosote. Palate was completely tanic with tons of structure and stuffing. A bit more of the cocoa note with some blackberry and smooth oak. I wouldn’t think of touching another for 5+ years as this just needs time of a ton of air.

03 Suduiraut: I have been enjoying the 2003’s lately as they can still be had for fair prices. This is probably one of the better ones I have had, right next to Climens. Surprisingly light and graceful on both the nose and palate. Creme brule, soft notes of apricots, peaches and candied pears. Touches of white pepper on the finish which is tremendously long and creamy. Not a huge acid backbone but enough to keep it from being overly cloying.

What are you ‘Boston Boys’ gonna do after you have consumed every 375 know to man? Move on to 750’s?

There was a 2005 Dutton Estate Pinot too - that was a 750. Rico didn’t write about it b/c I don’t think he drank any! Hence me just rolling out of bed now at 9:55am!!!

We tried a 2001 Ridge Home Ranch last night. Cab Sav/Merlot/PV. Nose maybe a bit stewed or tea-like. Very good mouthfeel and fruit was tasty, wine with easily appreciated tannins still. I liked the taste more than the nose. No big rush to get to the rest of this 6-pack.